Bringing a unique Afrobeat flavor to the underground electronic dance scene in Toronto, Story for Days by PapaRaZzle features a strong personal meditation on the power of inspiration, and the universal sense of hope that informs all of art. It has a smooth jazz-inflected component, an RnB cadence to the electric piano track, and the requisite kick-drum syncopation.

There is a warmth of tradition and ceremony to the elements of self-elevation that are present here: the idea that patience and hard work together can build anything is important to nurture. And then who can’t relate to an impromptu pep-talk from your mother? That’s love, right there.

This funk-filled meeting between smooth lead vocal, brassy lead synth, and a son-clave backbone creates a riveting yarn. PapaRaZzle gives us his very best with this yearning look at all that is possible.

PapaRaZzle is a recording artist in Toronto. Story For Days is a stripped-down meditation about his struggles and ambitions living in the city.  This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.