This post was originally published in October 2018.

Here at CHILLFILTR, we love live music and live performance videos. There is something about the cooperation between live performers that highlights the intricacy and complexity of human interaction in such beautiful ways. It can also serve as a highlight for unusual instruments, like the wood-block xylophone played by Orouni which is a balafon, originating in Mali about 900 years ago. Roots instruments are making a comeback, and Africa is rich with that kind of heritage.

With other elements from Portugal, which is where the cavaquinho is from, and staples like a trumpet, and flute: we have an amalgam of epochs, styles, and sensibilities. The synergy here is multipart, and it merges well beneath the steady agogô pattern on the balafon. It’s truly a world party, and with the sweet vaudevillian vocals of Emma Broughton, we have a cross-genre live gem that melds influences from Leonard Cohen, The Kinks and Stereolab.

The instruments played here are:

  • Emma Broughton: vocals, flute
  • Steffen Charron: guitar
  • Antoine Kerninon: snare drum
  • Orouni: balafon, cavaquinho, vocals
  • Raphaël Thyss: trumpet, omnichord