This review was originally published in June of 2018.

Like any good rock act from the Pacific Northwest, Olivia Awbrey puts the noise guitar first, and central, which I have always understood as an unconscious respect for the constant threat of rain. Never more than here; she underscores it with a dance-room vocal hook, and then gets to work making some sense of everything.

“Don’t be alarmed by anything at all
you’re doing right by acting helpless.
Do not question how this all works out...”— Olivia Awbrey

Whether or not the human race really was made to burn like bacon becomes an afterthought; it's value as a lyric supersedes any allegiance to verifiable truth. This whole song works on that premise. It sounds folk and punk enough to not need any big explanation; it's personal, it's political, it's life.

And it rocks.

Olivia Awbrey is a folk-punk artist from Portland, OR. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.