Instrumental Hip Hop from Ireland. - NOGYMX: Red Oceans

Instrumental Hip Hop from Ireland. - NOGYMX: Red Oceans

NOGYMX (pronounced no-gimmicks), is an artist from Galway, Ireland that combines elements of Hip Hop, Downtempo, and Electronica to create chilled-out instrumentals. The latest from NOGYMX, Red Oceans, is a beautiful moment in the rain listening to a jazz hook on acoustic piano, a melodic oriental koto, and a warm arrangement for strings.

His newest album, 'Locus', was released this summer, and features Hip Hop instrumentals with a jazzy, lofi feel. NOGYMX has spent years perfecting his signature blend of easy beats, slick electronic production, and emotional truth-telling through the language of song. Red Oceans is a worthy follow-up to Locus, and extends the sonic footprint for NOGYMX into a cross-genre sweet-spot that splits the difference between Bonobo and Freddie Joachim.

This song is featured on our Instrumental Hip Hop playlist.


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