Electro Pop Phenom from Ontario Drops New Single for Wax Records. - noelle: Shades of Blue

Electro Pop Phenom from Ontario Drops New Single for Wax Records. - noelle: Shades of Blue

Canadian 19-year-old noelle is new to the indie scene with a modern, edgy sound that mixes RnB and electronic pop. She has been singing since she was barely old enough to walk, and found early success through YouTube, where she quickly connected with a following of nearly 100k subscribers, resulting from her popular renditions of timeless classics along with viral covers of contemporary stars.

noelle was raised on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, in a family and community that surrounded her with music. After years of exposure to a vast range of musical genres, from Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan, to the pow wow drum and native wind flute, noelle turned to music as an emotional outlet and coping mechanism in her teen years. She eventually began writing her own music as a therapeutic form of self-expression, and signed a record deal with Wax Records (next to fellow Canadian phenom bülow) soon after graduating high school in 2017. "Shades of Blue" is an honest, unapologetic look at the dark side of romantic attraction, as noelle examines the complicated details of an unsatisfying love. She combines a fiercely independent spirit with a red-hot creative spark, exhibiting a casual confidence that comes from her years of dedication as a singer and songwriter. A fearless and vulnerable lyricism pairs with well-polished production vibes and an exceptional melodic hook to explore the complex reality of life as a teenager today.

Feels like I could do better
Why am I wearing your sweater
You don’t even know what you’re capable of
Got all these broken hearts, unable to love
Recover from your shit, baby nobody does, nobody does
I thought that you were it, but I never knew
That I was just a body, nothing more to you
Now I’m sitting in this room 50 shades of blue, shades of blue

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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