This is a simple message of dedication, wrapped in a synth hook, with an honest and understated lead vocal. Slightly hushed tones, coupled with a choppy 8th note on electric guitar, and a dry drum mix, remind me a bit of some early Pete Yorn.

It’s an indie-rock introspection, with the flourish of its time: a square-wave melody, dancing in the wake of an intrepid statement about cause and effect. Overcast is a hummable track from Nigel Wright that joins the sombre world of indie soul-searching with a touch of electronic recreation.

“I said so long to my scheming
go crawl on the earth
the only song I am keeping knows what it’s worth
I just gotta do the work”— Nigel Wright

Nigel Wright is a singer-songwriter originally from Jasper, Georgia, now based in Bandon, Oregon. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.