This review was originally published in June of 2018.

If Ben Gibbard decided to front a song for Steely Dan, it might sound a bit like this. It's a political song, with a jazz-informed horn arrangement and a deep backbeat. It feels both personal and glimmeringly theatrical, with a rotating cast of top musicians and every note accounted for; perception is everything:

“Shelved and branded living on display
Mentally I’m overdrawn buying things I can’t afford”— Nick Di Gregorio

At least the music is real, and free. You get the feeling that this song somehow makes the world a better place, if only as a vehicle for that horn section to sound so cool, and as a place to put that sweet guitar solo.

And maybe as way to start talking about the choices we are making.

Originally from Melbourne, Nick Di Gregorio is a singer-songwriter who is now based in London. This song is currently featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.