With no lyrics there are no semantic details, there is only silence and noise. photo credit: Koury Angelo


This review was originally published in August of 2018.

Welcome to dubstep. It's a sort of bass-heavy dance music, with a lot of peaks and valleys. It's basically loud funk music, plus manic depression, minus vocals. It's Bootsy Collins with a turntable, in a Freddy Krueger movie.

The emotions fly fast and thick: with no lyrics there are no semantic details, there is only silence and noise. This is the music that renders instruments themselves obsolete because it is removed from the archaic notion of personhood and performance virtuosity. Dubstep is a return to folk art in a modern form: digital and inherently binary, yet also the result of a manual creative process, the results of which defy easy description. This track is many things, at once a deep synth track, a serious club beat, and a series of builds and drops that achieves an almost cinematic breadth of emotional engagement.

I, for one, welcome our new dubstep overlords.

NGHTMRE is a Los Angeles based artist that has been ubiquitous for the past several years through a slew of successful releases and live performances.

WAVEDASH are a Texas-based trio who have quickly amassed a following within electronic music thanks in large part to their dynamic and often turbulent productions.

This track is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.


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