Nes Croft became involved with music at a young age in Great Falls, Montana. In high school his bedroom was set up like a recording studio with an old Tascam 24-track recorder and a bunch of different instruments.

After learning about electronics and computers while working at SYNTHROTEK, he decided to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman, and later cofounded a startup called Vaytricks that now has a popular mobile music making application for smartphones. Nes uses his software Vaytricks Beat Machine to make his beats using just intonation - which is a type of musical tuning that allows for more precise harmonic relationships between notes. He brings the inventiveness of a mad-scientist to the rich space of modern electronic music, while keeping a nostalgic connection to the work of Aphex Twin. Ride Waves, the latest from Bozeman’s Nes Croft, is a deep 808-groove with a message about bringing light into this world that might remind you a little of Post Malone.

This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.