Natalie Walker creates music that feels like magic, mixing electronic and indie rock with a gorgeous lead vocal and an existential dreaminess. She uncovers the hidden memories that lie buried beneath your world-weary soul, with a bit of nostalgic reflection towards that last perfect moment between two lovers.

Lately, her driving force has been connecting with her fans on Patreon. Natalie enjoys a personal connection to her audience through the online community that she has created there, and shares new songs and off-the-cuff recordings as she looks for honest feedback about upcoming projects. Her sound is a blissfully-pure combination of straight, snare-heavy groove, and an alt-rock vocal delivery drenched in hooks that is perfect for fans of Bat For Lashes.

Starry Eyed Kids is taken from Natalie Walker's new EP Evenfall, out now. Art credit: Nicole Marcelli, @leighviner. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.