Napoleon Gold got his start opening for artists like London Grammar, Glass Animals, Son Lux, and SOHN. Bewitching arrangements, warm vocal samples, and rousing percussions are the main ingredients that make up his ambient-electronic production style.

Napoleon Gold is now represented by Mélodyn Productions in France, Bacana in GAS, Spain and Portugal and JauneOrange in Belgium. This track features lead vocals from Allie Merrill, of Santa Barbara-based indie rock band Haiva Ru. Love Don't Cut Me Down brings elements of synthwave together with the indie-pop aesthetic of Fleetwood Mac. This electronic boogie creates the perfect backdrop for Merrill's moody self-love, as she eschews the very spirit of compromise.

Love is the contest that we all deserve to win.

From the Artist

Speaking of the unique late-night feel of his music, Napoleon credits his life long struggle with insomnia: during my first years in Brussels for university, my insomnia became more and more frequent. I remember staying awake night after night, making music, watching the sunrise from my music desk - it had this beautiful orange and golden color. I knew seeing this color meant I had once again failed to sleep, but it also symbolized a new day, a new beginning. I decided to name that color ‘Napoleon Gold’.

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.