To understand the popularity of Napkey, it helps to look at the career of Jean-Michel Jarre, who not only is a clear influence, but also can be given credit for putting electronic music on the international scene a generation ago. There is something naturally Parisian about the intersection of art, astronomy, and music, and Napkey’s career is a prime example of that.

Napkey, as ambassadors of a new wave of French electronic music, imagine a future in the era of flying trains. This retro-futurism lies at the core of an alternate space-time: where avant-garde emerges as the dominant sense of style, the robots have all gone looking for their humanity, and humans use music as the international language of connection.

This world explores the complexities of modernity itself, when innovation combines with ancient spiritual technology to create the idyllic future that we all know is possible.

Following their well-received second album SOLSTICE, Benjamin Cholet & Justine Rousseau (NAPKEY) have written yet another beautiful song: LEGEND. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.