This review was originally published in July of 2018.

This style of songwriting always feels a bit to me like Aimee Mann: opinionated, sharp, and richly assembled. It sounds so good, you forget to listen to the words, at first. Coming from such youth, this kind of buddha-like omniscience can be surprising.

It is as if a secret, anonymous voice was given to the girl we all know: hurt, hopeful, tentative, and impassioned; willing to speak only off-the-record. But this is stuff we all need to hear.

“We’re only counting down the days
only filling up with rage
I wish that I could fix this
because after all
it’s such a long fall”— Nancie Schipper

This new single from Nancie Schipper delivers the voice, organic drums, and the machine-like strum to create a soothing pop poem from her notes about love and the state of humanity.

Nancie Schipper is a young singer-songwriter from Australia. Her song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.