This post was originally published in December 2018.

Live videos, when they are well-done, can really bring you into the connection between musicians, and the synergy between parts and instruments. One of the benefits of midi drums is that now that samples are so high-quality, you get 99% of the sound and none of the bleed. So now the band gets to all play in the same room, and you only have to keep an eye on a few vocal mics.

It’s a bittersweet sentiment: that figurative sunrise, where we are forced to turn and face the day, walking away from the memory before we are done having it.

“I was just getting to know you
why you got to leave so soon?
can’t you stay a little longer
I just need one more moment with you”— My Brothers And I

My Brothers And I gives us a live and primarily acoustic rewind of this indie-pop soul-cry from their EP Heartbeat.

My Brothers And I is a 4-piece band from Portland. This song is featured on our Americana playlist.