Morfbeats Quartet is the house band for a drum shop in Colorado that is obsessed with Billy Martin. Fair enough; I myself spent a good amount of time obsessing over John Medeski, so I can relate. The clavinet through a wah pedal and a Fender Reverb on this song will bring you back to that time you watched Medeski play a Monk riff with his elbows.

It is the layered and chaos-rich sound of a jazz party: the waves of virtuosic chutzpah, washing in and out of the pocket, delineated here with a Meters-style drum swing. In the throwback style of a band like Booker T and the MGs, and with a guitar flavor that feels directly reminiscent of John Scofield, the fare here is perfectly attenuated to fit the exact same jam as MSMW: a modern and punchy instrumental Memphis soul.

Morfbeats Quartet lays down the fire in Fort Collins, CO. This song is featured on our Instrumental playlist.