More Giraffes drops Surf, a pastel groove-pop track with clever lyrics and a hook that's primed for summer. The bass line bounces like a buoy on the waves, and it is easy to get a little bit lost in that swing beat and slight reggae chop.

So the joke might just be, what is the right level of giraffe? Who decides? If the music sounds this nice, then maybe it doesn't matter. Surf, the latest single from More Giraffes, was designed to deliver good vibes straight to part of you that needs them. Hermosa beach, bonfire. Sunset. Beer; lime.

Let's do that.

From the Band

Surf is about living your best life, catching that oceanside vibe, kicking it with the dolphins and turtles. Leaving behind the hustle of the rat race and all the noise of the digital world. Sandy dollars, that’s how we ball.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

photo credit: Zac Wolf