Los Angeles 3-piece indie band Moontower have built an impressive following in little more than a year. On their latest single "Rerun," this infectious chorus is built around around an exploration of the bad habits, from too many TV dinners to calling in 'fake sick' to work, that together can lead to a sense of stagnation.

In a world of short attention spans and infinite creature comforts, there is a fine line between indulgence and respite. "Rerun" is an energetic license to let go of the pain that binds us, and to reset the expectations we have for ourselves around personal responsibility. Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation to shake the dust off of our better self. With plans to headline the Troubador this Spring, and previously sold-out shows at The Echo and the Moroccan Lounge, this is the year for Moontower to make their mark on the SoCal indie music scene. "Rerun" is here to remind you that we all end up in the same corridors of mental fatigue - first we laugh it off, and then we do better. This powerful electro-pop single joins thick layers of synth arpeggio with pulsating hi-hat, big melodies, and a bright message of self-care.

Everyone is so in love
It’s why we’re all doing nothing
But we don’t see the issue

Moontower recently signed with Paradigm Talent Agency. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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