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Soul / EU / Electronic / mp3

Electronic Groove Meets Soul. - Moods: Awake In The Dark (ft. James Chatburn)

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Electronic Groove Meets Soul. - Moods: Awake In The Dark (ft. James Chatburn)

This kind of slow jam is fun because there is so much lurking in the spaces-between, and amidst the pregnant pauses and flams between snare drum and percussion, an underlying pattern emerges: a hip counterpoint that borrows much from the legacy of P Funk, tangling with the buttery soul of Chatburn’s lead vocal. It is mesmerizing.

Bringing together percussive elements that range from archaic to industrial, the secret sauce to this kind of  production can often be the bass performance, and in this case, that could not be any more true. The impossible chemistry here between the low-end instruments - mainly electric bass, and some thick pads - and the implied 8th-note pulse is what adds the spice, but the deft production instinct from Moods has kept a deep respect for the notes that aren’t there.

We are left with a masterclass in soulful vocal delivery, delivered over an ingratiating stutter-beat.

Moods continues to showcase tracks from his new album with Awake In The Dark (feat. James Chatburn), a track that splices contemporary urban and indie electronica beats with the sublime vocals of the Berlin-based Australian vocalist.  This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.