With a nod to acts like Talking Heads and Kraftwerk, the sound here is a combination of old-school New Wave influences, big octaves, and a lot of staccato arpeggiations, creating a bed of simmering electronic pulses. With a longer figure for the lead vocal melody, the waves of undulating synth do much to punctuate the lyrical message.

The final element of distinction is a slap-heavy electric bass, which gives the funky impression of any number of Prince hits from the 80’s. Put together like this, and with some interesting complexity from the arrangement, we are able to access decades of innovation in the musical production space: from hi-resolution samples, to automated effects, and smart sound-gates, to a sort of rhythmic primacy that feels very modern.

Sock Options, the latest from east coaster monkeybars, is a fun stroll through the sounds of that tumultuous decade that was the 80s, with some original touches and a synth-heavy groove that won’t quit.

New York is home for singer-songwriter monkeybars. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Alternative playlist.