It is a fascinating sense of imagery, via some wonderful choreography from Aaron Sillis. I look at this video as a broad metaphor for the cycles of consumerism and enemy-spotting that seem to be crushing us under their weight right now.

It’s a downtempo track, which means a beat-driven primacy and lots of digital energy: the swirling caverns of reverb, the synth washes, and some acoustic piano to tie it all together. This is a powerful message, shot on gorgeous 16mm film, that is sure to leave you just a little bit different than you were before you saw it.

Ketones, the latest from brothers Model Man, is the perfect example of effective multimedia: the song, and the video, share a sense of urgency and production mastery.

Model Man (brothers Mark and Rob Brandon) are pleased to announce their new single, Ketones. This intense video depicts a mysterious scene where a protagonist finds himself in the midst of a ritualistic shootout with the participants locked in a dance to the death. They are based in London.