Montreal-based singer-songwriter Miko is a self-taught musician that got into songwriting at the age of 18, after dropping out of college. His style of production yields a blend of sleek pop and rugged, throwback vibes. Miko's music has been compared to Dominic Fike, Omar Apollo, and Alexander 23, and he often writes with rising Montreal artists like Soran, Mike Clay (Clay & Friends), and Geoffroy.

Miko’s new single "Credit Cards & Broken Hearts" is the rhythmic fusion of an acoustic guitar hook with razor-sharp lyrics that explore themes of consumer culture and the illusion of self-validation through external means. The song was crafted in collaboration with Connor Seidel and Samuel Biddle, and offers up gritty RnB grooves in support of an important message: there is a deeper truth that lies beyond habits of material possession, that we only see when we step back from the fray of a modern attention economy. Miko's stirring vocal performance matches a search for emotional authenticity with a willingness to challenge popular concepts of compulsory materialism.

Tell me is it really worth it, worth it
Spending all your money on this bullshit

Miko will be performing alongside Geoffroy in Quebec City at the Imperial Bell on March 27th and in Montreal at the Corona Theatre on March 28th. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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