Last year we covered a track of Mike’s that was a bit more folk-heavy. This time, we have a rock number that proudly navigates a cardinal electric guitar tone as its main integrity. It is all about that fuzz, and the straight groove, and the ghost of a backbeat on the hi-hat.

This song fits right into the legacy of alt-country from bands like Uncle Tupelo, with added pop sprinkle and a throwback guitar-flavor he must have stolen from Joe Walsh’s garage.

The sun is always so bright after the rain

The contribution from legendary producer Chris Walla meshes perfectly with Edel’s style, and the message is a sort of healing through emotional connection to someone special.

I’ve been scared for so long
but with you that feeling is gone

Houdini, the latest from Canada’s favorite radio star Mike Edel, is a layered and pop-friendly love-letter to the hope that lives in your heart.

After splitting his time between Seattle, WA and the mountains of British Columbia and getting married, Edel is taking his music in particular and his life in general across a threshold, through an open door, and into the unknown. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Indie Rock playlist.