This post was originally published in December 2018.

Such a set of personal details, full of both pain and honesty, is able to present a deeply vulnerable snapshot of familial dysfunction. The ripples that extend from a single moment of defiance, or rage, or weakness, are easy to see here.

Sometimes, an entire life is changed in a moment. The story of how Meadowlark got started is a bit like that; only weeks after forming the band, Kate McGill and Dan Broadley went on tour with Bastille. Their music strikes a very precise balance between pop melody-making, acoustic sounds, and modern beats. This heart-on-her-sleeve vocal performance from McGill will leave you breathless, and might show you some ghosts from your own past.

Family Tree probably is the most personal song Meadowlark have ever released. We are currently featuring it as track #1 on our Rainy Day playlist.