Mdnite is a synth pop project between husband and wife, Erik and Kelsi. Based out of Boise, Idaho, Mdnite seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery through the blending of dark folk and ambient electronic hip-hop.

While indie at heart, their music leverages a careful marriage of explorative, dreamscape textures with modern pop sensibilities. Shot The Moon explores a moment of frustration that Kelsi had with writer's block and a lack of inspiration, while the song itself came to represent a release of those feelings, which is where this lyric came from: I shot the moon, the moon is dead. In that sense, Shot The Moon became a catalyst for Mdnite, allowing both Erik and Kelsi to ride a wave of fresh, creative inspiration. This smooth combination of vintage synth tones with electronic beats provides the perfect backdrop for Kelsi's emotive lead vocal, and delivers the promise of a bright future for this electro-pop duo.

Fun fact: much of Mdnite’s music is born out of Kelsi’s dad’s (Greg Fadness) home studio. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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