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Maxwell James - The More You Say, The Less I Know

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Maxwell James - The More You Say, The Less I Know

This is Americana at it's best. It's got all the elements: the tasty B3 nuggets, the heavy quarter notes on the bass, the lap steel, and the acoustic guitar. It sounds to me like an anthem of the impasse, that point in the process of communication where all bets are off.

The lyrics are universal, which is always difficult to accomplish; this song could be about a couple, a pair of siblings, or roommates. Bring your own context. It works best as a song of the struggle between lovers, but the underlying theme about emotional domineering works anywhere.

With his new single The More You Say, The Less I Know, Maxwell James mixes Country and Americana as a process of discovery and a way to say the unsayable: it's not me, it's you.