This review was originally published in April of 2018.

It is seldom that a song can also be a poem. This is such a song. Impeccably produced with nuggets of harmonium to lap steel and a wide acoustic backbone, this song is titled just as it listens which is as a single entry into the journal of someone's life.

It's like one of those movies that takes place entirely in someone's house, or over the course of a single afternoon; it stands alone as a self-reference that oddly mirrors the universal experience in some unexpected way. We have nothing to wonder about, really; we know the story now. We have been told. Using the same tools we all have - an acoustic guitar, a backing band, a piano - Max García Conover builds a riveting narrative with his deep baritone and plain wordsmithery.

“show me the shattercane weeds
the cabin with kerosene heat
summer storms that have rocked you to sleep
that will rock you to sleep”— Max García Conover