Cinematic Dream Pop from Florida. - MASSIVESAD: At Least I'm Not Bleeding (Prologue)

Cinematic Dream Pop from Florida. - MASSIVESAD: At Least I'm Not Bleeding (Prologue)

In the aftermath of total burnout and a mental breakdown in April of 2018, musical artist and poet, Seth Kaye, was abruptly forced to engage with the personal transformation that immediately precedes catharsis. That deep dive into a process of necessary growth and healing of mental wounds resulted in an emotional journey that blindsided Kaye and sent him reeling into uncharted, visceral territory.

The evolution that followed led to the genesis of MASSIVESAD, a conceptual project and soundscape born out of the need to process what had been unearthed. MASSIVESAD is devoted to an examination of true suffering, and the refuge of validation and healing that is offered to anyone who is willing to accept trauma as an opportunity for self-discovery. Both delicate and intense, "At Least I'm Not Bleeding (Prologue)" captures a fleeting and ethereal sonic vibrancy that draws inspiration from both dream-pop and experimental, cinematic indie-electronic music.

are we doing impossible things
‘cause I’m a dark horse
in the fury of flight
from the meltdown
that set my mane on fire
and all around the sound of
breakdown is following me

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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