Something about the drab urbanism of Paris on a hazy day meshes well with the dreamy heartbreak of shoegaze. Yann Le Razavet, known as Marble Arch, constructed his sensitive and delicate pop from the raw stuff of melancholy while living in his adolescent bedroom.

Those in touch with French fashion may recall the name of Le Razavet from the photoshoot he did for Yves Saint Laurent in 2015 with fashion-designer Hedi Slimane, who has since moved on from YSL. Back then, Yann Le Razavet was just another pretty face. His first record The Bloom Of Division was a very intimate precursor to his new release which finds a balance between shoegaze, bedroom-pop, and a certain throwaway-modernism.

Named after the monument on Oxford Street in London made of white marble, Marble Arch return with their 2nd release Children of the Slump, and the first from label Géographie. The new release Gold combines an energetic straight groove with an 80’s vibe, while a prominent guitar track shares the lead-space with a washy vocal.

Yann Le Razavet, as known as Marble Arch, is a performer and producer based in Paris. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.