Mad Trip is a Paris-based indie quartet who got their start touring the French capital's concert-halls in support of their debut eponymous EP in 2013. They have styled their brand of high-intensity rock in sight of their personal influences, which range from Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood to Queens Of The Stone Age, while the four members of Mad Trip take the time to add their own sensibilities to each track.

Their second EP release, "The Road," was released in 2017, while their third offering "Dead Faces" came out earlier this year. "Give Me A Try" is their latest single, and features a strong, rhythmic element and a suitably-shattered vocal performance from lead vocalist Adrien Deloffre. The combination of classic rock-band elements - big drums, choppy electric guitar, and tight breaks - with a unique sense of style, creates an inviting sound and a strong pop-appeal. "Dead Faces" is their best work yet, and paves the way for the ascendancy of Mad Trip's infectious energy over the local rock scene in Paris and beyond.

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