Scandinavian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Emil Wilk, better known as M.I.L.K, releases a music video for his new single taken from M.I.L.K's forthcoming debut album "Always Summer Somewhere," coming out next month via Capitol Universal. Self-produced by Wilk, "Need A Witness" represents the continuous evolution of his style and talent as singer, writer, performer, and producer.

This track shines with bittersweet melody and a hazy feeling of summertime. "Need A Witness" explores the brighter side of life and wanting someone to share it with, as M.I.L.K combines elements of folk, indie electronic, hip hop, and slacker rock, with a smooth vibe and an easy beat to back up some serious discussion about how we find meaning in our lives. The release of his debut album is a huge milestone for 'The prodigy of Copenhagen' (Rolling Stone), and his eclectic alt-pop is something you will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. "Need A Witness" is a fitting teaser for the new album because it is instantly likable, full of hooks, and uncomplicated, while it delivers the right groove for a little bit of chilled-out introspection.

M.I.L.K signed with Universal Music in 2019. This song is featured on our Roots Collection.

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