Luke Sital-Singh is part of a generation that grew up listening to Damien Rice and Ryan Adams; the sound here is acoustic, a little bit sadcore, and very much part of the folk-pop revival currently in place from fellow songsmiths like William Fitzsimmons and Passenger. The plodding mid-tempo beat, coupled with that 8th-note triplet-feel on the acoustic guitar, creates the bed for his naked voice to lie in.

There is a sense of closeness, and of no barriers standing between the honest lyricism and the rest of the world. The artistic persona of Luke Sital-Singh feels fully realized, at least in the sense of understanding his own strengths and weaknesses:

“Maybe in the sands of Los Angeles
we’ll find a new lease of life
just stay close because
you’re so much more brave than me”— Luke Sital-Singh

The theme is that of a simple search for beauty, wherever it may be found.

Luke Sital-Singh releases a new video for his track Los Angeles while also announcing the release of A Golden State, which will be available April 5th on Raygun Records via The Orchard. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.