LUI HILL - Words Become Useless

LUI HILL - Words Become Useless

It's a bouncy synth-soul groove, and razor-sharp vocals, with a deep respect for the power of single-note piano lines. You get a sort of precision to the slight swing that is only possible with zero strumming. The almost complete lack of electric guitar on this track is refreshing.

As deep as the beat is, it is quite compact, leaving room for a shimmering delay and some jazz-flavored keyboard stabs. This one comes in all Bruno Mars, and goes out all Jamie Lidell. With his single Words Become Useless, LUI HILL puts his husky mark on the world stage as an exceptional soul singer and performer.

LUI HILL is an Alt-Soul artist from New York, NY. Words Become Useless is featured this week on the CHILL Angeles playlist.


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