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Folk Pop / Australia

Australian Folk Pop. - Lucas Laufen: A Million Miles from Love

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Australian Folk Pop. - Lucas Laufen: A Million Miles from Love

In 2016, Australian troubadour Lucas Laufen left everything behind in his coastal town of Port Lincoln for a dream life on the European road. Finding his feet in the German capital of Berlin, Lucas put down roots and used the city as a base to release his debut EP Goodbye.

After two years of writing while on the road, Lucas travelled to Christchurch New Zealand to wrap his experience into an album. The narrative behind A Million Miles From Love was fueled by a surreal personal experience that forced the singer-songwriter to recognize how possible it is to be close to home, but simultaneously far away. Laufen worked with Tim Hodgson to direct the music video for his evocative debut, as the collaborators tell a deeply symbolic story about how easy it is to be attached to all the wrong things.

This song is featured on our Country playlist.