Luca Vasta is both emotional and distant with the sound of an acoustic guitar backing a rock-orchestra, and layers of her smooth voice create a gorgeous finale for this intriguing take on indie-pop. As a former host for MTV Germany, she brings fans of VASTA TV to her passion for pop songs written with a classic sense of Italian style.

She also exudes a confident and natural beauty, which adds a certain electricity to the vocal timbre, as she appears as the voice of reason for so many who may need that supportive friend. Love is a complicated thing, and can knock you down as fast as you are lifted up.

Collezioni cuori soli e non ti basta mai

We get the feeling that attractions can cut us both ways, that the heart can be both a weapon and a vehicle. Let Him Go, the latest from Luca Vasta with lyrics in both Italian and English, covers the space between the urban angst of Molly Moore and the slick jazz-croon of a glittery femme-fatale, while leaving the real question unanswered: of course you should let him go; but will you?

Luca Vasta is an Italian/German artist in Berlin. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.