With an engaging and powerful sound that might remind you of Garbage, Loveblind is the passion-project of Saint Marie Records owner Wyatt Parkins. While "international synthwave supergroup" is enough of a descriptor to turn a few heads, the hard work and determination that has brought Loveblind to the world is made all the more impressive for the fact that these band members have not yet been in the same room together.

The head of this Texas-based label - with a focus on on Shoegaze, Dreampop, and Electronica - initially joined forces with Joshua Garman of Florida’s Crash City Saints and soon tapped Germany-based vocalist and songwriter Dorian Electrique of Seasurfer fame for her striking, icy vocal tone. Fellow Seasurfer-member Mikel Wegener was brought on board to play bass, and guitarist-drummer Neil Burkdoll of the band Whimsical - also based in Florida - rounded out the lineup. After years of recording, file transfers, phone calls, and online chat sessions, Loveblind's debut album "Sleeping Visions" will be unveiled in March 2020 via Saint Marie. On lead single "War Planets," Electrique's vocals are kept front-and-center, guiding the listener through a swirling soundscape of lucid dreaming, dark imagery, and strobing retro-tech. A stunning music video for "War Planets" features crisp pops of color, animated smoke, and a brooding sense of androgynous couture, as we are left to make our own connections between art, sensuality, and the permanent chaos of human emotion. Saint Marie Records has created an archetype for the anodyne properties of Dream Pop: the emotional catharsis, the honest exploration of human desolation, both serve as a gateway to the plain and comforting truth that music is the only salvation we need to seek.

now we are back under water
war planets, cotton mouth
a cold language we’ve never spoken
a diary, a memory... a symphony

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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