After quickly reaching close to half a million streams with his debut single Sympathy, all eyes are on LOST and the release of his second masterpiece. "Twentysomething" is about a quarter-life-crisis: worries about the future, aimlessness, and the search for meaning.

At the age of 23 LOST struggled with an emotional dilemma: his girlfriend dreamed of starting family, but he wasn't so sure that he was ready for that. As the relationship came to an end, he struggled to find a new purpose. Many long nights spent with good friends and a lot of red wine helped to redefine the landscape of his young life, and together with Illian (Jonathan Rainer), a new track was born. With production and camera-work from Moritz Dörflinger and the gorgeous presence of model-actress Ana Lendl, the music video for "Twentysomething" showcases that moment of self-acceptance that follows from a period of self-doubt. LOST joins a genuine sense of personal catharsis with a natural instinct for indie-pop hooks, while a heartfelt vocal delivery pairs well with a piano backing track that might remind you of a young Chris Martin.

LOST is represented by German label Karmarama. He (Kevin) was raised in a small Austrian village called Rohrbach an der Lafnitz. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.