This post was originally published in November 2018.

It’s a mix of No Doubt-style reggae-forward power pop with a playful rap cameo from Speech: a bittersweet past informs this wistful look at old love, and cherished memory.

Relationships are the eternal battleground; we fight and fall, and live to fight again. The message here is one of simple patience, wrapped in a sunny-day guitar chop and bouncy bass line, with a gorgeous vocal from Zoë Poledouris to tie it all together. These beachside Angelenos know a thing or two about melody and groove: Zoe’s father Basil had a storied career as a film composer and her, ever his student, while Angel cut his teeth playing percussion and drums for Ziggy Marley on-and-off world tour for the better part of a decade.

The story on how Speech (from Arrested Development) came to throw down on this track is quite simple: he and Angel are friends.

I met Speech back in 2008 during a festival tour with them in Australia/NZ. It was a tour with UB40, Eddy Grant, Shaggy, Third World, Ziggy and Arrested Development. I've sat in with them on drums and percussion.

It’s a small musical world when you are on tour. After years spent contributing his talent to the work of others, Angel returned home to Mar Vista, and with his equally talented wife, Zoë, built their band on a reputation for sizzling live shows and a passion for live looping and multi-instrumentalism: Angel likes to move from guitar, to drums, and Zoë does most of the singing while stomping on pedal-triggers and playing electric bass.

With a sparkling sense of melody LOONER brings a modern, ethereal quality to the infectious power of pure groove-pop. Enjoy.

LOONER is an indie-pop duo from Mar Vista, California. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.