This review was originally published in July of 2018.

This one is bold, expansive, and completely unique. Some really subtle lyrics and a wide range of instrumentation make this a very atmospheric track with a circular theme and some poignant detail. A swift narrative canvas is thrown down over the long first verse, and the interlude takes over with the help of muted trumpets and french horn.

It is an interesting side note that, as one might imagine, the title of the full project comes from the work of late author David Foster Wallace; it feels fitting that this song also has a deeply esoteric and outspoken beauty, a fragile exterior beneath which lies a genius heart. A Coloured Image Of the Sun by Lolasister expresses a true sense of artistic exploration coupled with an alluring vocal and a rich literary premise.

Lolasister are an indie rock band from Bern, Switzerland. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.