Intimate & Anthemic Indie Rock from NYC. - Local Nomad: Getting Old is a Bitch

Intimate & Anthemic Indie Rock from NYC. - Local Nomad: Getting Old is a Bitch

NYC-based performer and multi-instrumentalist Local Nomad, aka Michael Desmond, announces his upcoming self-titled EP with the release of new single, "Getting Old is a Bitch." With a sound that is marked by soulful vocals, ethereal synths, and lustrous drum beats, Desmond draws from influences as varied as Tears for Fears, Elvis Costello, and Phil Collins.

A native of Long Island, NY, Desmond first hit the local scene as the frontman for orchestral indie rock band Gabriel the Marine. After years of success performing nationwide with bands like Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, Mew, Jacks Mannequin, and The Dear Hunter, he was inspired to reinvent himself as a solo artist after a period of rapid change. Desmond plays every instrument on "Local Nomad" beside drums, implementing rich and classic sounds of the mellotron, DX7, and 808s to deliver an anthemic and unique fusion of indie-pop and alt-rock. About "Getting Old is a Bitch," Desmond says: "This is a satirical song that reflects on inner youth and the unstoppable force of aging over time. It’s about acceptance of the past and understanding that although life comes with pain, it’s all about being grateful for what we do have."

With his eponymous debut, Local Nomad seeks to build a time capsule that sums up his life during a difficult period of time. The name Local Nomad, itself, represents the resistance of sedentary life, and an instinct for seeking the strange, and embracing the unknown. "Getting Old is a Bitch" combines a mid-tempo groove with rhythmic hooks on the electric guitar, analog synth tones, and a vocal performance that feels raw, intimate, and effusive.

"Getting Old is a Bitch" was inspired by Desmond’s grandmother, a 91-year-old Italian immigrant who made it through the Great Depression, the loss of her husband, and breast cancer, and fought for her family every step of the way. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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