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Live Acoustic Folk-Rock. - John-Robert: Adeline

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Live Acoustic Folk-Rock. - John-Robert: Adeline

What I love most about John-Robert is his direct commitment to the live experience, such that his songs are calibrated specifically for live performance in a way that is refreshing in such a heavily-saturated market of complex production. Adeline, the latest from Virginia’s John-Robert, is an acoustic love-song, delivered with a broad tenor voice from the bottom of an empty swimming pool.

John-Robert has found his jam broadcasting from interesting locations on YouTube. The simple alchemy of technology is plain to see - the Ovation acoustic-electric guitar, the Lavaliere pinned to his guitar strap, the rooms selected for big natural reverb. To watch this video is to observe young talent in early bloom: the song, the voice, the look, they all come together into a powerful statement. The lead vocal delivery from John-Robert combines the sweeping falsetto of Jeff Buckley with the nuanced finger-style of Nick Drake, resulting in a beautiful visitation with the raw angst of youth.

John-Robert is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Edinburg, VA. He sings stories of deep devotion and the bittersweet difficulties of new love.