From Led Zeppelin to The Strokes to Greta Van Fleet, the thing about straight-ahead guitar rock is that it echoes through the ages. The core here feels similar, in the sense that the energy is palpable, the beat is undeniable, and most people can’t sing like that.

But beyond the quality of the individual musicianship, there is always the need for a synergistic meld, where the tenor of the group attunes to something collective. Here, that feels deliciously apparent, and these 4 Liverpudlians have a strong message to share. The theme is a classic one: the moment of attraction.

Go on and stop what you’re doing; what you got’s got a hold on me

Truly, the navigation of this space is a young man’s primary directive; so the aggressive sound, and the rock beat, and what amounts to very respectful language, make this song totally appropriate and a lot of fun.

So Fine, the latest single from UK’s Little Triggers, might just be the anthem you need to get gussied-up and fall in love again.

Merseyside purveyors of rock n’ roll Little Triggers storm back onto the scene today with their brash new single, So Fine.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.