As daughter to a teacher and to a member of the famous Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Lisa Pac was introduced early to the world of classical music. Now with a degree from the Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance in London, on her new single Sunshine she speaks openly about her broken relationship, celebrating the feeling of happiness after a toxic time.

The hook is based on a thematic flip from the Bill Withers classic Ain’t No Sunshine - here, the sun emerges only in the absence of the tethering, as if freedom can be as palpable as the warm feeling of sun on your face. Sunshine, the latest bouncy electro-pop single from Austria’s Lisa Pac, is a fun way to hit the reset button on a mistake that was made long ago.

I used to wonder where you’re gone; now I don’t know and I’m ok.

Lisa Pac was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

-photo credit: Robin Poppins