With perfect balance between poise and an effusive groove, the new single Back in Time from Lindsie Bliss explores the emotional infinity of the past, alternating dynamically between a stripped-down folk delivery and full electronic chamber-pop. A plaintive horn arrangement and the addition of a live drum set completes the transformation, so that we can see our way into the styles of both Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers from this introspective perch.

The quality of vocal performance is also notable, with a sense of warmth and personality that just feels right. So often the vocal mix can feel like it is trying to hide something, but here we are left to simply bathe in the natural sunlight of a single vocal track. There is some added harmony, but it is very subtle.

“Funny seeing you tonight
I just had a dream of you, old times
Well, I gotta go
Hope you find what you’re looking for ”— Lindsie Bliss

Back in Time adds up to a last-minute assessment of the situation: that moment when you see an old lover, and time washes over you like a fever.

Lindsie Bliss is a young singer-songwriter from Chicago. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.