Lindsey Stirling loves to break the rules, and is proud to defy all expectations. With Artemis, she creates a presence for herself at the nexus of performance art, violin-pop, fantasy lore, and dubstep.

On her fifth full-length album Artemis from BMG, the platinum-selling electronic violinist, dancer, artist, and author once again meshes a dynamic sense of energy with her unique stylistic vision. Lindsey Stirling continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be successful: from a recent spot on the New York Times bestseller list for The Only Pirate at the Party (co-authored with her sister Brook S. Passey), to a pair of Top 5 albums from Billboard, her gold-selling, self-titled 2012 debut has ignited a quiet rise for Lindsey to the forefront of pop culture. This 2-week-old title-track will have already been streamed a million times by the time you read this.

Artemis is a compelling Game of Thrones-Hunger Games hybrid dedicated to the goddess of the hunt, that showcases the poise from Stirling that won her runner-up on the 25th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It features equal parts dance, archery, and violin performance, culminating in the ultimate cool, which is the fiddle-crossbow. Yes, please. Lindsey Stirling and the forest-nymphs in this music video for Artemis have never looked better: the choreography is fantastic, the costumes are on point, and the song feels empowering, lively, and simply beautiful.

Lindsey Stirling is a platinum-selling electronic violinist, dancer, artist, and author, currently signed to BMG records. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer and Instrumental playlists.