Passionate Soul Pop from Ireland. - Lilla Vargen: Cold (Music Video)

Everyone deserves a love that feels safe.

Passionate Soul Pop from Ireland. - Lilla Vargen: Cold (Music Video)

Lilla Vargen is Ireland’s fastest rising new artist: with over 20 million streams to her credit, her career as a passionate vocalist and folk-soul songwriter is just getting started. Hailing from Ballymena, Lilla left for London to follow her calling in music, where she writes emotional songs from a place of personal vulnerability, which has endeared her to fans from around the world.

The music video for "Cold" depicts a young woman trapped in a controlling and abusive relationship, who struggles with the internal conflicts of unhealthy love. The young actress featured in this video is none other than Jordanne Jones, who has starred in the films "Metal Heart" and "I Used To Live Here," and will feature in the upcoming American TV series "The Angel of Darkness." The story of "Cold" is a story that thousands of women are living every day, wherein a lack of objectivity can keep victims stuck in the patterns of an abusive relationship. With this music video, Vargen wanted to offer the 'exploration of a toxic relationship.' This heartfelt track serves as an introspective that illuminates the emotional domineering of chronic abuse, and while avoiding the clichés of violent physical contact, Vargen's gorgeous voice carries us through the painful realization that everyone deserves a love that feels safe.

Lilla Vargen's upcoming tour dates can be found here.

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