Retro Funky Hip Hop from Pittsburgh. - Libretto x Buscrates: Free (Instrumental)

Retro Funky Hip Hop from Pittsburgh. - Libretto x Buscrates: Free (Instrumental)

This is the vocal-less version of "Free" from Libretto & Buscrates' collaborative album, "Eternal Ridin'." As a hip-hop instrumental, this smooth vibe showcases the impeccable drum programming, sophisticated musicality, and signature synthesizer work that has become Buscrates' calling card.

Buscrates is a producer, DJ, and record collector from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a proud member of boogie-funk outfit East Liberty Quarters (with Nice Rec and Grand Ear), as well as Extra Medium (with Sam Champ). Among a wide range of musical references, his two biggest influences can be found in 80's boogie and 90's Hip-Hop. Buscrates has been producing music for 15 years, releasing different projects on physical formats since 2009.

Recently, Buscrates was recognized for his talents by the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, with an invitation to Jeff’s prestigious Playlist Retreat. Last year also saw Buscrates scoring a co-production credit on the celebrated album from Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y, "2009." As a true scientist of gritty and organic sounds, Buscrates' latest project with emcee Libretto gave him the opportunity to shine as producer and retro-boogie aficionado, which helped him ink a deal for a forthcoming album with seminal independent label, Bastard Jazz. "Free" is a laid-back and groovy stroll through the instrumental world of retro synth hooks, analog beats, and mellow jazz-funk.

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