Breakup albums usually come after the breakup - Lewin wrote hers before it happened. Don't You Dare is the lead track from Lewin's new EP 'For The Leaving,' and extends the musical legacy that she began with her EP 'For the Left Behind' which was released earlier this year.

We are thrilled to premiere this engaging new track from Lewin, also known as Jara Holdert (previously JARA), who began recording her debut album in Haarlem and Berlin years ago with her lover and muse, Aaron Ahrends. What the two of them didn’t know at the time was that the songs Jara was writing were oddly prescient, and described the breakdown of their relationship, months in advance. Indeed, during the post-production process their love fell apart, and left Jara in a difficult place. After a period of spiritual healing, and artistic rebirth, Lewin is now ready to present these emotionally-charged and deeply personal recordings to the world. The full album, with the thirteen songs they recorded together, will be released in March 2020 and connects both EP’s with five extra tracks.

The story of Don't You Dare is a familiar one: in retrospect, the troubling signs were clear, but love can often play tricks on us when we want so badly to connect with someone. Relationships are hard in the best of times, and without earnest effort from both sides, sometimes we are doomed from the start. Lewin discovered a powerful sense of redemption in the midst of loss, while her cogent and tuneful rehashing of a failed union brings an artistic sense of closure to a bad situation. Her gorgeous soprano might remind you a bit of Joni Mitchell in the upper registers, while her musical temperament feels closer to the bardic stylings of Laura Marling. Lewin's sound is a refreshing mix of emotional authenticity and beautiful folk-pop songcraft.

This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

Listen to the full EP here.