Lauren O'Connell - Under Control

Lauren O'Connell - Under Control

Laura Marling, Gillian Welch, Beth Orton, Lucinda Williams: when a songwriter finds a way to perfect the lead vocal as a delivery system for the inner soul-cry, using the song as a crutch, it becomes a thing beyond criticism. It has life; this song persists as a pathway between the unassuming acoustic guitar, that unassailable lyrical coherence, and the industrial machine-sound of the final coda.

From the poise and quality of the instrumental tones, to the gemlike-quality of the semantic phrasing, Lauren O'Connell is able to reify the casual urban poetics of the Bay area, complete with acoustic roots, delicious irony, and a satisfying hook. Those looking for a distinct break from the formulaic groupthink of modern pop sensibility will not be disappointed.

Lauren O'Connell is a singer-songwriter currently based in San Francisco, CA. This song is featured in our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.


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