With a dynamic and intriguing intro, and a vocal delivery that feels both natural and impassioned, Lantern By Sea navigate the jangly expanses of rock’s hinterland with moments of pure, soaring melodic power that are contrasted against a thick and boomy drum-groove. The Deep End is an exploration of youth, and a marker for that moment that we decide to start taking full ownership of the gifts we are given.

We are swimming through life: grasping for partners, for meaning, and sometimes a simple breath of air. We find that it only matters who you’re swimming with when the waters get rough.

Frigid water collapses the lungs, I’m 7 miles down where you can’t hold for long

The Deep End, the latest from Utah’s Lantern By Sea, is a love letter to the future, and a simple commitment to being stronger than the rising tide.

Provo-Utah-based band indie-rock band Lantern By Sea releases their new single The Deep End. This song is featured on our Indie Rock playlist.