Ruckus recently appeared as the launch song for the new season of Fortnite. As gamers drop into Chapter 2, they are treated to Ruckus' banging guitar riff and energetic groove, along with Konata Small's infectious vocal flow. The song also appears in the game as a Droop dance Emote, and in the new promo trailer, already with over 40 million views on YouTube alone.

The response to this instantly-memorable track been so positive that Diplo, in his new role curating music for Monday Night Football, selected Ruckus as his first musical pick in a preview spot for the 49ers’ matchup on ESPN. This success comes as a direct result of Small's undeniable work ethic, over the better part of a decade. As a member of acclaimed hip-hop trio Rhema Soul, Konata toured the world, became a regular presence on the national conference circuit, and released five lauded albums. After years of making a name for himself as part of a group, he is shifting gears and venturing out as a solo artist. Ruckus has quickly catapulted Konata Small into the musical stratosphere, with gamers and sports-fans alike getting instantly hooked on this high-octane mash-up of hard rock and hip hop.

This song is featured on our High-Energy playlist.